Carbon dating disprove bible

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The Bible also claims that the boat that Noah built to survive the flood contained two of “every wild animal according to its kind, all livestock according to their kinds, every creature that moves along the ground according to its kind and every bird according to its kind, everything with wings.” Today there are thousands of species of mammals, thousands of species of reptiles, and thousands of species of birds. Miracles As far as scientists have been able to tell, the universe follows a set of immutable laws that are as true today as they were thousands of years ago.Even if we assume for the sake of argument that there were only a thousand species in each of these groups in Noah’s day, the idea that he could have lived in a boat which contained at least two of each animal (in fact, he took seven of each “clean” animal ), is extremely hard to believe, especially considering that he had to store food for each, deal with their waste products, and prevent them from killing each other for the three hundred and seventy days of the journey, all in a time before electricity and refrigeration. The Bible tells us, however, of a world where the physical laws that scientists repeatedly verify are every so often conspicuously violated by the will of God.But then, of course, we are placed in the awkward position of choosing how literal each passage should be taken, leading to a multitude of possible biblical interpretations and little final consensus.

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Finally, if we are willing to interpret the Bible as freely as we please, contradiction can be avoided.

While many of the sites were closed down, archeological evidence suggests that those who remained centralized their labor forces and brought it more advanced technology—changes for which Ben-Yosef and Sapir-Hen suggested that the Egyptian empire may have responsible.

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How to access the Answers Bible Curriculum DVD-ROM files (PDF) How to use ABC to disciple children at home or as a homeschool Bible curriculum (PDF) Select a heading below to browse that category of online resources.MANY scientists and theologians have made the argument that Christianity is not at odds with the scientific world view. It is true that many portions of the Bible (for example, the Ten Commandments) do not make empirical claims and hence have no conflict with science, a field which concerns itself solely with those questions that are (at least in principle) of a testable nature.